Mr. Antoine Maalouf, Chairman & CEO, has been in business for over 40 years. Based in Monte-Carlo since the early 80’s, he has experience in various sectors of activity including food and agriculture, infrastructure, real-estate development and international project finance.


Over the years, Mr. Maalouf has been involved in several assets in Europe, the Middle-East, and North and South America, leading a variety of projects ranging from B.O.T. (Build, Operate, Transfer) for infrastructure projects to the construction and supply of industrial food business housing units as well as to the promotion of commercial real-estate ventures. Click here for more.


Depending on the context, MMC will collaborate with different professionals, co-developers, advisors, and consulting firms, including a team of management executives in Montreal Canada under the direction of Mr. Joseph Maalouf, bringing some of the best talent to the table.


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